Ready to Ride Check Up

Our ready to ride includes air pressure, lubing, and adjustments to the brakes and shifting gears. Bring us your every day rider or an old bike that hasn’t seen the road in years.


Tune Up

Our tune ups include our normal check up plus full brake and drivetrain adjustments, hub adjustments, and a complete drivetrain cleaning. Our prices vary depending on your needs but range from $60 to $100.


Bike Fitting

Retul Bike Fit Studio

Southern Bicycle Company offers custom bike fitting from our Certified Retul Fitter, Charles McAdon.

Our pre-fit evaluation includes:

  • Medical history of injuries

  • Leg length discrepancies

  • Problems with hands or feet

  • Cycling Background

  • Style of Riding

  • Other athletic activities

Need Help Today?


Come see us at our store location during business hours and we will set you up with all you need. Just bring your bike or yourself and we will fix you right up.